“In our travels throughout various parts of the United States, and conversations with hundreds of industry professionals, New Longview is consistently mentioned as one of the greats in Traditional Neighborhood Design. It is commendable to accomplish such recognition locally. It is truly amazing to accomplish such recognition on a national scale to the extent that New Longview has.” – John Dybsky , James Hardie Building Products
“We are comfortably settled into our beautiful new home and are thankful to have had a chance to move into the home well in advance of Luke’s birth. Thank you for making that possible! (Our contracted closing date was February 26th and he was born on February 27th…we hate to even think of how stressful and chaotic that would have been!)” Actual date of closing: January 30th!” – Rob, Ann, Blaise, Grant, & Luke Rastorfer
“Most people build a home in or across town, while we were building from almost 1000 miles away. We deeply appreciate the sensitivity that the Gale Team has shown us. They creatively worked with us through the design process making the most of our visits from Michigan. They are in-tune with their buyers, addressing concerns and allaying all fears, making it a most pleasant experience.” – Larry & Karen Winters
“We have been so satisfied with our experience. We had about 100 people out to our house last weekend and every single person that walked in the door commented on the neighborhood and the uniqueness of our house and others. It has been so great to be a part of such a beautiful community. Also, there are so many wonderful children for ours to play with and so many activities going on. Also, the neighbors are wonderful…everyone is so friendly and stops to talk to you. It wasn't like that in our last community.” – Chad, Angie, Ella, & Blake Lucchi
“I wanted to say that next week it has been an entire year that we have lived in our house and we love it! It is so well-built and beautiful and we feel blessed every day we are in it. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to making our dream a reality.” – Brian & Michelle Kroenke
“Coming from Brookside, we liked the idea of a traditional neighborhood – old fashioned style with the garage in back – and the school system. My mom will live in the carriage house above our garage and will be able to walk to school with our son.” – Robin Trafton
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