Historic Longview Farm

Copy of LVFE eveningNew Longview residents can live, learn, work, shop and play in a 260 acre village environment that preserves the most important buildings from ”The World’s Most Beautiful Farm”, the title given to R.A. Long’s baronial “Longview Farm” upon its completion in 1914.

Historic preservation and the sustainable reuse of the existing historic buildings is a priority for Gale Communities. Most striking thus far is the renovation & transformation of the famous Longview Show Horse Arena into the award winning Longview Farm Elementary School. Other preservation work includes the restoration and refurnishing of the 48 room, 6 fireplace Longview Mansion, and the relocating and refurbishment of the famed Longview Farm entry arches. The gate house – the entry checkpoint for the Show Horse Arena and Mansion – was recently restored and modified and is now an occupied residence. There are 11 remaining historic LVFEstructures on the property; the sustainable reuse of these grand buildings will make New Longview a unique national treasure.

Homes in New Longview are designed to recall the past. Styles are reminiscent of Kansas City’s classic neighborhoods such as Brookside, Valentine, Volker and Hyde Park. Most homes will have front porches, garages along the back lane, trees and manageable yards. The community welcomes a variety of lifestyles that combine traditional living with contemporary conveniences. Estate homes, town homes, cottages, and traditional single-family residences are all available, along with the opportunity to walk to your neighborhood school and restaurants!

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